Business development

The key issues of our activities are the consultancy related to strategic choices of the business development and planning and management of development projects. Boundary conditions of a development projects are often a combination of legal and technical facts witch interpretation needs a wide-ranging experience to provide a lasting background. Business development also includes network and partnership development activities to witch palpation we can provide consultancy support. Our strengths are a good knowledge about the national stakeholder networks and international relations on the basis of past actions.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is one of the basic safety requirements for construction, which besides of planning solution affects a large number of construction details and material selection. Thus, it must be the starting point from the beginning in all product development and in construction project management tasks. Besides of fire codes the understanding of real fire development and its consequences brings a more realistic background for assessment of fire safety. We are consulting in fire safety issues with strong experience.

Sound control and building physics

Sound insulation is a key factor affecting the comfort level in buildings with neighboring apartments beyond a separating building part. Requirements for sound insulation are also set by building equipment and traffic noise. The knowledge about building physical behavior of structures is the basis for sustainable solutions. Especially our range of activities is the consultancy in design and product development of light weight wood structures.

Building cost estimates

We provide Cost-frame settings and cost estimates for small and medium size buildings. We also provide cost comparisons in product development projects.